Any surgical procedure performed in or around the mouth and jaw can resolve any problems you may be experiencing. Oral surgery and can be scary for those who don’t know what to expect. At R&R Dentistry, our goal is to make patients feel as comfortable as possible during their procedure and give them the utmost care.

Why Would You Need Oral Surgery?

People may require oral surgery to address many kinds of dental concerns. They’re generally recommended for patients who experience tooth and jaw issues that go beyond what general dentistry services can provide. You may need oral surgery if you need to fix a jaw injury, remove a dead tooth, or permanently replace any missing teeth.

Common Types of Oral Surgery

We offer many types of oral surgeries at our office! The ultimate goal is to preserve your smile and overall health. Below are some of the common procedures you can expect when you visit R&R Dentistry

  • Wisdom teeth removal
  • Dental implants
  • Root canals
  • Gum grafts

How to Prepare

Not all oral surgeries require the same pre-op care. For the most part, it’s essential that you follow our instructions to have a quick and effective recovery. Since most dental procedures require anesthesia, you’ll typically be asked not to eat or drink anything for about 12 hours before the surgery. You’ll also need to arrange for someone to take you back home, as you’ll still be under the effect of the anesthesia. Have all prescription painkillers available already, and ensure you have the food and supplies you’ll need at home for your comfort.

Do You Need Oral Surgery in Delray Beach, FL?

If you have an issue that requires oral surgery, we’re more than happy to help! R&R Dentistry promises to make you feel relaxed during the procedure and use the best techniques for an effective outcome. Give us a call today if you have any questions or to schedule your appointment!


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