Fluoride has been an essential factor in oral health treatment for many years. It’s a natural mineral found in many kinds of food and water that helps build strong teeth and prevent cavities. Dentists recommend a fluoride treatment every few months to patients who are at a higher risk of developing dental cavities.

What Happens During a Fluoride Treatment?

Fluoride treatments are provided in the form of highly concentrated rinses, foams, gels, or varnishes. Depending on what kind you get, your dentist will apply the concentrated fluoride with a swab, brush, tray, or mouthwash. Once the treatment has been applied, you should avoid eating or drinking for half an hour after the treatment. This allows the fluoride to fully absorb.

Best Candidates for Fluoride Treatment

Although everyone could benefit from fluoride, those who are more prone to getting cavities are the best candidates for a fluoride treatment. These have much more fluoride than your water or toothpaste, so they’re great solutions for supporting tooth enamel and fighting harmful bacteria on your teeth and gums.

Benefits of a Fluoride Treatment

From restoring tooth surface minerals to hindering bacteria growth, fluoride treatments provide numerous benefits for patients of all ages. After getting one, you should notice the following:

  • Fewer cavities
  • Beautiful smile
  • Less sensitive teeth
  • Reduced dental care cost
  • Stronger teeth

Are You Interested in a Fluoride Treatment in Delray Beach, FL?

Fluoride treatments at R&R Dentistry are protecting the smiles of fellow Delray Beach residents. We’d love to help reduce your risk of cavities and tooth infections with this treatment at our resort-like office. Give us a call today if you have any questions or if you’d like to schedule an appointment.


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