When to Take Your Child to a Family Dentist

When to Take Your Child to a Family Dentist from R & R Dentistry PA in Delray Beach, FLA family dentist is an ideal dentist for your child’s first dental checkup. This first visit can feel strange for a child, so seeing this type of dentist can remove the anxiety. Knowing when the first dental visit should happen is important. Here are the details about when to take your child to your family dentist.

The right time

Most dentists say that the right time to bring the child to the family dentist is when the first tooth emerges. This often happens at six months of age. It is ideal not to wait until after the child’s first birthday to set an appointment. If there are some issues, such as white spots or bleeding, in the child’s mouth, schedule a visit with the dentist right away.

Set the date and time when the child is pleasant. This could be after a nap or a snack. A child in a good mood is a more pleasant dental patient. A pleasant visit can be the foundation of future dental appointments in the child’s life.

The right family dentist

It can be tempting to bring the child to any dentist. But seeing a family dentist can be better for the child. This type of dentist tends to work well with patients of every age. Keeping the child calm and in a good mood is part of the job. Growing kids have developing mouths. Bringing the child to this dental care provider will allow a hands-on type of care as the child grows.

The clinic will have the right sizes of equipment for every child. The clinic’s reception will usually have attractive board games or a fish tank that will allow kids to feel at ease. A family dentist’s ability to talk to children can also make the dental visit positive. A pleasant first dental checkup day will make the next ones easier.

The reason

It is ideal to bring the child in for a dental checkup as early as possible. Once the tooth emerges, it will be exposed to the effects of dental decay. Catching the effects of tooth decay can lead to early treatments, which are often effective at this stage. The family dentist will keep an eye on the child’s dental development as the child grows. Checking the child’s mouth for other issues, such as injuries, will be easier because of regular appointments.

Preparing the child

Proper preparation for the first dental visit starts even before the first tooth erupts. Cleaning the gums in a gentle motion with water and a sterile gauze will do the job. This should be a habit after each breastfeeding. Soft-bristled toothbrushes on the market are ideal for kids of at least two years of age. Maintaining a teeth-cleaning routine this early will make it easier to teach the child proper brushing and flossing.

Parents can make their home a “dental home.” This can show the child that having visits with the family dentist is a natural part of dental health. Playing games that involve dentistry and oral care can put the fun in dental visits. First-time parents can write down relevant questions about proper oral care for their babies.

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A family dentist can check your child’s teeth at the right time

Proper dental care habits must begin early in life. You must teach your child what to do and what the family dentist does during the dental checkup. Doing so can calm the child before and during the visit. A positive appointment can lead to more pleasant ones in the future.

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